Old Alvinston Photo’s ~ Help Put a Name to that Face!

I’ve been working on a more in-depth story which will be published on Monday. It’s more in-depth and spans a little history alongside present day. Through looking at historic photos with the help of Terry MacDonald she sent me this amazing photo of some of the Columbia Hotel’s patrons. Terry has had this photograph since the days when she worked at the Columbia as a bartender and managed to put many names to the faces from the past. We could use so help naming the last few! If you recognize anyone please send the name to liana@lianarusswurm.com. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Since the patrons in the above photo are not perfectly lined up I wrote them in the order I see them as. Please refer to the names written directly on the second photo if there is any confusion.

Maggie Joe’s Danceland Later Named the Hilltop Restaurant

These young people standing across from what was once Maggie Joe’s Danceland, later named the Hilltop Restaurant remain these nameless faces. So far I only have the name of Lloyd Clayton Wheeler (middle boy) named. This is one of my favourite photos to date and putting names to the faces has become a dream of mine. Danceland / the Hilltop is one of the buildings I wish I could have seen back when Alvinston was a place to be.

The Alvinston Firemen, front right to left – Don Sutherland, Lawrence McCallum, Doug Campbell, Frank Kucera, Nelson, Putt, Lee Vosbourg, Geaorge Rundle and Keith Armstrong. Middle left to right – Howard Pole, Doug Coleman, Claire Smith, Rudy Nemcek, Robert Redick, Dick Murphy, Bob Armstrong, Jim Hayter, Ray Pavey, Ray Douglas and Ralph Prince. Back left to right – Arnold Douglas, Howard Bryans, Bert McCallum, Bob Oke, Gord Lunam, Ivan Wilson, Frank Mihalik, Earl Armstrong, Doug Redick, Steve Kucera and Dave Cummings.

This Photograph came from Ruth McCallum, given to her by Margaret Douglas. The same photo is in Angus McLean’s book, Reflections of a Century, 1880 to 1980. The photo had a date on the back, November 30th 1975 or 76 but in the book it gives the date taken as December 1975.

As I come across new and interesting photos I will be publishing them as well. Accurate dates, names and spellings are very important to me in writing this blog. Once again photo submissions are greatly appreciated, I can scan any photo and if you have any information or corrections please send them it my email, liana@lianarusswurm.com.

Please follow and check back next week for a more in-depth story!


3 thoughts on “Old Alvinston Photo’s ~ Help Put a Name to that Face!

  1. In the Danceland photo…I believe the 2 men on the right are my Dad..Richard Gibson Code, second from the right and his younger brother Edward Code on the far right.

  2. My mother talked a lot about what a friendly , funny young man “Teddy” Code was snd that he died young as a soldier in WW2.As far as Lloyd Wheeler I believe he was still alive as of 2013 but not living in area anymore. No family I can ask now left for more details..

    1. Good morning Victoria!..Thank you so much for your reply!
      Yes, sadly my Uncle Ted died in the war when his plane went down.
      My Dad, Dick Code, who was an Engineer, passed away from a brain tumor in 1971 when he was 50 years old and was buried in Alvinston Cemetary with his Father Abraham Sylas Code and his Mother Isobel Gibson Code. My Mother is buried there as well, Marjorie Stewart Code.
      The oldest sibling, Mary Code Johnson passed away several years ago when she was 102!
      Mary lived in Port Credit most of her adult life and was in a nursing home in Huntsville towards the end. She had 2 children, Ted Johnson and Paul Johnson who both live in Port Sydney now where they cottaged every year.
      I look forward to reading more about Alvinston in years gone by.
      Thank you Victoria!

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