Alvinston Vintage Postcards, Local Band, Collector Plates, Spoons, Old News and an Interesting Document

My last blog post inspired local resident Chad Hayter to contact me and share some of his families historical photos, documents, newspapers and postcards, including the original photo of the gentlemen standing out in front of the Columbia Hotel. His mother, Mary Louise Hayter’s (Bindner) family built the Columbia. The photo also had the names of the men written on the back! I can’t make out all the names so again if someone else can please let me know,

This next photo of a local band, which also has the names written at the top (seen in second version where I tried to enhance the names). The two on the far right I cannot make out their names but here is my attempt. I see four rows when I start at the front with the two beside the drums and then looking back at feet on the stairs. Front left to right: Bill Sweetman and Bill White. Second row left to right: Gord Villouchby, Ken Freyne, Bill Hamilton, Calvin Thompson and Eli (unknown last name ?). Third row left to right: Harvey Hayter Herman Cann, Russ Hayter, Russ Lang, Charlie Myers and John (unknown last name ?). Fourth row left to right: George Mellis, Ralph Myers, Gordon Mellis, Hans Mier, Jim McCallum and Fred Mier.

Any spelling corrections are welcome and any info on the two on the far right and their last names!

Old Alvinston PostCards – Hayter Family Collection

Sharing the local postcards along with the backsides is something I enjoy doing as it helps to set the atmosphere of the time, especially when there are the personal notes that were sent. I find it amazing how many are out there of this community.

Old Alvinston Postcards – Margaret and Jean Douglas Collection

Locals Margaret and Jean Douglas, daughters of Ray and Lorraine collected postcards, many photos of town events, parades and memorabilia. When Jean passed away in the fall of 2022 and Margaret downsizing i have been given access to a lot of these treasures of Alvinston’s history. These postcards are only touching on what I have to go through. I have 10 photo albums that I will be going through digitalizing and selecting what I need for my blogs future stories and posts. Although I only knew the sisters to see I greatly appreciate this gift and hope to do it justice.

Ray Douglas worked at Prince’;s garage here in town for many years and then became the local ambulance driver. Their mother Lorraine worked from home as a hairdresser.

Alvinston Collector Plate – Donated by Margaret Douglas

These plates and spoons are now part of my collection of Alvinston souvenirs. I will be displaying them at my church. When I have open studio day or classes people can come in and see them. I also collect items that were once part of the original St. John’s Anglican church.

Collector Plate from ALvinston’s 100th Birthday.

Alvinston Collector Plate and Spoons – Donated by John and Jeanette Douglas

Document – Hayter Family Collection

This document from 1946 from John Labatt sent to Chad Hayter’s grandparents on his mother Mary Louise’s side, Mr. and Mrs. Bindner when they owned the Columbia Hotel. A congratulation letter when Mary Louise brother Francis was born. He now lives in London Ontario.

Old Alvinston Newspaper – the hayer Family Collection


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